Meet Alex

In late 2020, we welcomed Alexandru Rece to the Brown & Brown team as Architect and, while our working lives are still conducted at a distance because of pandemic restrictions, it's been terrific to add his skills to our studio from afar.

Now that he's settled in a little, we grabbed five minutes with Alex to say hello:

How did you end up here?

Serendipity: sometimes the right pieces just fall into the right places. Not long ago I was back home in Romania. I had applied for an exchange scholarship to warm, balmy Portugal and was offered Finland instead.

It all worked out for the best! Finland was fantastic and I met a girl who I ended up following to Scotland. We both worked for Rural Design on the Isle of Skye until November 2020. Then serendipity struck again, and here I am!

What does your role with Brown & Brown involve?

Much the same as my colleagues: I solve puzzles.

What does a typical day look like?

You get a great, big box of mixed pieces, some are from the clients, some are from the site, some you have to chase your colleagues up for (Andrew's always hiding a couple in his pockets).

You pore over them and do your best to assemble them into something that sparks joy.

Any architectural heroes?

I do but most of them are unfortunately unsung… although you might have heard of a gentleman by the name of Nick Thomson.


Have you managed to work in the Brown & Brown studio yet or has it all been remote so far?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has kept me away from the studio so far. I’m having to make do with a desk I’ve temporarily (I hope!) set up in my workshop. The wood-storage racks certainly make for an interesting video-call background. (See above, featuring Moss the dog)

It does mean that I have to keep the workshop a lot neater than it would otherwise be, so I'm looking forward to being in the new Studio. I will have to negotiate with Andrew for a desk close to the stove...

Do you prefer a quiet or noisy workspace?

My wife works in the adjacent room so I can’t really crank up the ol’ '80s playlist as much as I’d like to. Will have to see if that changes when we're all in the office.

Favourite thing about your job?

The puzzles don’t come with a reference picture on the front of the box.

What do you like doing when you're not at work?

I like to learn new things. I enjoy using my hands and head to make useful objects.

Describe Brown & Brown in three words.

Great Puzzle Solvers.

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