This replacement house sits within mature woodland in Boat of Garten — following the existing topography, whilst concealing a private courtyard at its core.

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  • Project Name
    A Cairngorms Courtyard
  • Location
    Boat of Garten, The Spey Valley
  • Year Completed
    In Progress
  • Key Materials
    Natural Stone, Black Zinc, Green Roofing, Timber

A modest external appearance allows this house to sit comfortably on its site, with the stepped two-storey arrangement following the slope of the existing landscape, and helping bed the home into its context.

A ground floor of locally sourced stone conceals a central courtyard, which is in turn overlooked by the stepped first floor, containing the key social spaces, which also accesses a garden which covers the entirety of the ground floor roof.

Brown and Brown Cairngorms Architects Courtyard LIVING SPACE

Although the house is substantial in size, it sits comfortably within the context of the site and wider area, utilising a simple and uncomplicated aesthetic, with a restrained materials palette of local stone to the ground floor, blackened zinc to the upper floor, and warm timber linings used throughout — to soften and accentuate the key spaces.

Brown and Brown Cairngorms Architects Courtyard KITCHEN

Project Team

Andrew Brown
Alex Rece
Kate Pittendreigh


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