This project will save a fantastic traditional building in the North-East of Scotland that has fallen into disrepair — restoring and extending it to create a contemporary and contextual rural home.

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  • Project Name
    A House of Clay and Bronze
  • Location
  • Year Completed
    In Progress
  • Key Materials
    Petersen K55 Clay Bricks, Bronze, Turf Roof

From the earliest part of the design process it was important that the Doocot remain the vertically dominant element on the site, with the bulk of the house sitting ‘sunken’ into the slope to the South, and only being visible from within the site itself.

New elements take the form of a series of ‘wings’, built from dark clay Danish bricks, and topped with a grass roof, finished in bronze to the underside of the large overhang. The house ‘hunkers’ into the landscape creating a sense of solidity, and respecting the existing topography and the adjacent historic Doocot.

North East Scotland Doocot Interior Dining Table Aberdeenshire 04

Guests enter via the Doocot, before descending through a minimal glazed structure, to the rest of the house beyond.

This integration with the historic building is crucial to the success of the project, and ensures that the new house is inspired by, and indeed part of, the context and character of the site.


The South facing courtyard space creates an unexpectedly light aspect for all areas of the house, contrasting with the feeling of the house being ensconced within the hill, whilst the winged layout of the house creates clear boundaries between service, social, and private spaces.

North East Scotland Doocot Interior Kitchen Brown and Brown

The home will be heated by a ground-source heat pump system, with the house adopting a fabric-first approach, which will see the envelope built to standards far in excess of building regulation targets, greatly minimising energy usage, whilst maximising solar gain from the South.


Project Team

Andrew Brown
Kate Brown

If you’d like to discuss a project please contact Andrew or Kate on +44 (0)1975 325 003 or alternatively email