Conceived as a grouping of buildings connected by glazed links and external colonnades, this single-storey house sits within a wider masterplan on a beautiful estate in coastal East Lothian.

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  • Project Name
    King's Cairn
  • Location
    Archerfield, East Lothian
  • Year Completed
    In Progress
  • Key Materials
    Sedum Roof, Natural Stone, Black Standing Seam Zinc, Black Painted Siberian Larch, Oiled Oak Internal Linings

We will utilise a restrained palette of materials, comprised of internal oiled oak timber linings, and an external selection of natural stonework, black painted timber, and black standing seam zinc.

At its core will be a primary social block of timber, defined by a pitched roof and open volume within — connected to secondary stone bedroom and outbuilding blocks via minimal glazed links, and covered external walkways.

Kings Cairn East Lothian Brown Brown Architects 001

The house sits comfortably and quietly amid the tall trees and seafront views of this attractive site. Extensive planting will provide privacy to external courtyard areas, created by the arrangement of the various blocks.

The overall result will be a subtle and understated contemporary home — greater than the sum of its parts.

Kings Cairn East Lothian Brown Brown Architects 004 Garden

Project Team

Andrew Brown
Kate Brown
Phil Booth


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